Dear friends, colleagues, clients, students and family…
It’s that time in my life


I am excited to sunset IVC and to retire from Hispanic Marketing. Happy and ready to  move on to new places and adventures.

It’s been real fun and a wonderful enriching experience. GRACIAS!!

My books will continue to be sold on-line via Paramount Market Publishers and Amazon (but of course PMP is always more economic!)

Thank you for the opportunity to meet you, work and learn with you – and most of all, to have had the opportunity to enjoy life making a living while seeing the US Hispanic and Multi-Cultural Markets become strong Customer Segments, from the late 1970’s on! A fascinating journey!

As you know, the Hispanic Market continues to grow, becoming more and more “main-streamized” and proud Americans… However, it is still a distinct Cultural Segment, with unique Latino values, histories, preferences, etc., and “a moving target”, exquisitely diverse and stronger than ever.

My best wishes and warmest Regards!
“Hasta la Vista!”