In-Culture Marketing

M. Isabel Valdés is the nation’s leading In-Culture Marketing™ expert, business development consultant, published author, public speaker and trainer. She is recognized for developing the In-Culture Marketing™ methodology.

She is the principal of Isabel Valdés Consulting (IVC). IVC is a consulting firm, which provides strategic business development services to companies seeking to tap, expand and penetrate the U.S. “cultural” markets.

“Cultural markets,” which are often times referred to as “ethnic” or “multicultural” markets, are large and growing consumer market segments within the United States, which (like any consumer market segment) has different likes, needs and wants. People in the “cultural” markets have different life experiences, and are in lifecycles that take place in different cultural contexts than the average consumer in the mainstream culture. As a result, consumers in the “cultural” markets may not respond to the same messages, language, and imagery as mainstream markets do. This is at the heart of “in-culture” marketing.

To engage African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, and other growing consumer segments in the United States, companies must develop marketing strategies that are both culturally driven — and culturally relevant to these consumers. Helping organizations succeed, Isabel Valdés Consulting has developed a proven five-step approach, called, Transforming HeartShares into MarketShares© – which makes up the In-Culture Marketing™ methodology.

The U.S. and the global marketplace have experienced significant growth and change during the last few decades. Isabel Valdés Consulting has maintained its leading edge by helping clients in the United States and abroad to achieve measurable results by tracking market and demographic trends; and by applying its proprietary marketing frameworks—In-Culture Marketing and Transforming HeartShares into MarketShares©—to different consumers from various cultures.