Isabel Valdés Consulting

Isabel Valdés Consulting (IVC) is a leading consultancy that provides strategic business development services to Fortune 100 and 1000, as well as non-profit organizations seeking to successfully target the U.S. cultural markets.

IVC brings over 25-years of hands-on Hispanic consumer and business insights to successfully target the fast changing and acculturating Hispanic market with sound financial goals and viability.

Its principal and founder, Isabel Valdés, pioneered In-Culture Marketing™, a gold standard in marketing to the U.S. Hispanic population, based on creating culturally relevant strategies that address the on-going acculturation and demographic shifts of this growing population segment.

IVC’s strategic analyses incorporate extensive insights and experience across consumer product and service categories as well as media, retailing and advertising.

IVC offers a unique vision to solve challenges thinking out-of-the-box with senior executive contacts, and capacity to elicit extraordinary strategic alliances translating the clients’ vision into reality with superior ROI potential.

IVC has access to a wide network of top marketing professionals and resources to bring on- board when required by a consultancy. We will ascertain your marketing needs, resources and consumer data available and present a proposal to address your business plans to your needs with deeper resources to be engaged if and when necessary.